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Growers with passion for innovation and quality

At Coloríginz, we work with growers from all over the world. This means we can offer our customers the very best, all year long. We change our imports of exotic and summer flowers, roses and decorative greenery according to season. Or we let other factors determine what the best offer of a breeder is at any particular time for our customers and their customers.

Availability, for example, may be important. Or customs restrictions. Exceptional performance regarding quality or originality. Or just logistics convenience... Through this way of working, Coloríginz can promise consistent quality.

Although we depend on many for our imports, we remain faithful to our carefully selected growers. The bonds we build and our joint investments in development, sustainability and working conditions create solid partnerships. This means we can offer our customers greater certainty when they purchase directly from the grower via the Coloríginz platform.

Coloríginz works with a permanent group of more than 586 growers from 31 countries and deals with suppliers from even more countries to ensure continuous growth in breadth, depth and reliability of supply. Our product specialists and quality and sales managers regularly visit the growers and guide them in further developments. And to see how production is going at our growers, we regularly perform verification visits.

The roses are grown in Africa. This is due not only to the sublime quality delivered by our hard-working growers. There is also a great deal of sunlight, which means that growth requires less energy and so lowers CO2 emissions.

Summer flowers and exotic flowers come from Africa, South America, Australia, southern Europe and Israel. So our customers can count on, for example, peonies of equal quality throughout the blooming seasons of our global growers.

Some 80% of decorative foliage comes from our growers in Central and South America. Australia, Asia and Europe deliver a little less. But the global coverage gives our customers the additional security of consistent quality when buying at source through the Coloríginz platform.

Sustainability ambitions for our growers and ourselves

Alongside our own sustainable business management, we work together with FSI 2020 for 90% responsible production and trade worldwide. This collaboration encourages us to continuously contribute to a well-defined way of working in sustainable floricultural research. It allows growers, traders, retailers, local society organizations, members of FSI and governments to increase their impact on the following sustainability issues: Working conditions, Agrochemical use, Climate issues and Transparency

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Coloríginz MPS Socially Qualified

MPS Socially Qualified (SQ) Certification Scheme

Coloríginz bsci

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct

Coloríginz Fair Trade

Fair Trade International Hired Labour Standard

Coloríginz ethical trading initiative

Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code / SMETA

Coloríginz sai

Social Accountability International SA8000 Standard

Coloríginz rainforest alliance

Sustainable Agriculture Network - Rainforest Alliance Certificate

Environmental & Social

Coloríginz kenya flower council

Kenya Flower Council Silver Standard

Coloríginz ehpea

EHPEA Code of Practice for Sustainable Flower Production

Coloríginz florverde sustainable flowers

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers Standard


Coloríginz mps gap

MPS-GAP Certification Scheme

Coloríginz bopp

BOPP (British Ornamental Plants Producers) Grower Standard

Coloríginz global gap

Global G.A.P. Floriculture Standard

Coloríginz organic farming

EU Organic Farming

Coloríginz usda organic

USDA National Organic Program

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