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At Coloríginz we love color. Lots of color. Yet for bouquets it may be best to combine this with decorative greenery from the very best growers. The Green Connect team at Coloríginz has selected exceptionally good growers in North and Central America, Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. This means we can provide fast delivery of always newly developed species and a fresh, quality product with long vase guarantee.

Using our platform, you not only select and order your decorative greens quickly and easily. You also have no stock risk. You can easily link our offer to your webshop. Without your customers even noticing. You can view your order, stock and status of your delivery at any time. Convenient, reliable and cost effective.

Together with OZ Import and Rosa Link, we form Coloríginz and have everything for your complete bouquet as a one-stop-shop. Decorative greenery, exotic flowers, summer flowers and roses can now be ordered from a single address. Our address!

Our specials make our decorative greenery even more special

Coloriginz special Euc. Populus Grain Absorbed Red
Coloriginz special Spanish Moss Medium Apple Green
Coloriginz special Oak Leaf frosted Mix
Coloriginz special Phlebodium Blue Star
Coloriginz special Pittosporum Rombifoglia
Coloriginz special Pittosporum Rombifoglia
Coloriginz special Euc. Populus Grain Absorbed Red
Coloriginz special Hoppe creeper 6 mtr
Coloriginz special Cork parts (5 x (35x25 cm))
Coloriginz special Dates Lake kg /crowns
Coloriginz special Euc. Mix per bunch
Coloriginz special Holm Oak
Coloriginz special Aralia Spider
Coloriginz special Aralia Spider
Coloriginz special Mimosa Baleana
Coloriginz special Euc. Cinerea Short
Coloriginz special Euc. Populus Berry
Coloriginz special Olive BQ

Newly available decorative greenery to match the season, or just extraordinarily special...

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