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A new name with years of experience

Coloríginz - a name for three disciplines with one central idea. At Coloríginz we each have our own specialist area, but together we stand for the concept: ‘Our originality makes life special’.

Through our excellent cooperation with growers and customers worldwide, we know how to be different. More original. More striking. More efficient. The people, their experience and the way of working bring everyone together. And this gives the platform we offer an increasingly important role for ambitious growers and buyers who want to buy at source. For example, the supply of exotic and summer flowers, roses and decorative greens from our growers gains added strength and customers can take delivery sooner and sooner, with listing of source for traceability.

Sustainability and social responsibility are also becoming increasingly important in our production and logistics processes. We consciously produce in countries with a great deal of natural light to avoid using energy for artificial lights. We deliver directly from source to the customer to avoid unnecessary transport. And we look for healthy working conditions at our growers.

So Coloríginz is providing growing added value for everyone.

It is not just the technology and the easier way of working together that give Coloríginz its strong position. We can build on the history of our business units. Our past will determine our success today and tomorrow.

Coloríginz is highly sustainable

The Coloríginz team ensures that our growers and transporters operate with sustainable business management. And, of course, we do too. Not just because we want to, but because we know we must. Ecological and social responsibility. With better working conditions, minimal use of agrochemicals, lower CO2 emissions and complete transparency in everything we do.

Along with our collaboration with FSI 2020, we have a sustainable view of our people. This ensures a healthy and pleasant working environment. It also means we are a certified learning company for young talent.

With our many certifications, we also have the duty of transparency in many areas. Our customers can always find the origin of each delivery. They can  know all there is to know about our sustainability certificates, product specifications and means of transport.

All this is part of our active policy for a sustainable production chain and lasting relationships with growers, suppliers and customers.

Coloríginz growers durability transport

Work at Coloríginz

We dare to claim that working at Coloríginz is fun. It’s very dynamic too, because of the daily trade that makes each new day interesting. We love to work with people that are up to the challenge. At Coloríginz you will work together with ambitious colleagues that only want the best for the breeders and clients. The work is dynamic and in busy periods you will help out colleagues where needed. The next time you need help, you can count on the same colleagues. You can count on each other and there is always room for a joke.

Will you be our new colleague?

We provide excellent working conditions, a proper salary and an attractive workplace in a modern organization that continuously strives for improvement in all areas.

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To learn more about Coloríginz or our vacancies, please leave a message. We will get back to you soon.

Coloríginz start oz import 1987

Klaas van Zijverden starts up OZ Import

Mr. van Zijverden saw commercial opportunities in the import of exotic flowers. In addition to OZ Export, he was also director of OZ Import.

Coloríginz vzh 2005

VZH Aalsmeer acquired

The acquisition of VZH Aalsmeer means a significant extension of the OZ Import range and a strong position in the decorative greenery market.

Coloríginz greens 2005

Transfer of IBC’s staff and permits

With the acquisition of greenery importer IBC, we have been able to gain a quick and effective position at all major export auctions in the Netherlands.

Coloríginz rose connect logo 2009

Start of Rose Connect

We began importing roses in 2008. To give this a major boost, we launched Rose Connect in the following year. Initially with roses from Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Coloríginz nedfern 2009

Nedfern acquired

To further strengthen our cutting edge position for our export customers in the EU, we acquired Nedfern, an importer of decorative greenery.

Coloríginz fresh from source 2012

Fresh from Source start up

Fresh from Source brings our customers closer to the source and simplifies logistics, saving costs.

Coloríginz green connect 2012

Collaboration between Green Connect and Fleurametz begins

This year, a joint purchase of decorative greenery was established under the name Green Connect International. Hence the name change from VZH to Green Connect and the collaboration with Fleurametz.

Coloríginz acquisition oudendijk import oz import 2013

Oudendijk Import and OZ Import merge

Oudendijk Import and OZ Import have merged to respond to internationalization and the need for more efficient import flows.

Coloríginz acquisition magical greens 2015

Green Connect acquires Magical Greens

Two decorative greenery companies joining forces means enhanced customer focus and sourcing on a greater scale.

Coloríginz piazza dei fiori 2016

Start of Piazza dei Fiori

To assist Italian growers and to allow global buyers to buy closer to source, we started this Italian platform.

Coloríginz timeline logo 2017

Coloríginz is emerging

Three companies, one face ... Rose Connect, Green Connect and OZ Import have been working together for many years under their own names. Now we have a single, stronger brand, creating an original way of looking at products, markets and opportunities for our customers, both growers and buyers.


Rosa Link and Rose Connect merge

Two leading trading companies in roses Rosa Link and Rose Connect merged on January 1, 2018. The activities of Rose Connect are housed under Rosa Link. Sales and marketing will be realized from one company as part of the Dutch Flower Group.


My Peony is going to work with Coloríginz

My Peony is market leader in the field of peonies and markets them from its location in Rijnsburg to many trading companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Within Dutch Flower Group My Peony will take its own position on this distinctive specialism and work on the further expansion of its international market position on peonies.