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One name for the platform of three specialists - Rosa Link, OZ Import and Green Connect

Coloríginz lives up to originality in the colorful world of roses, flowers and decorative greenery! This is something special for our customers and end consumers. Because behind the new name are the many years of experience of Rosa Link, OZ Import and Green Connect . The creative team of Coloríginz's platform is always seeking out special flowers, beautiful roses and fresh decorative greens. And it does this with ambitious breeders and growers from all over the world for its international network of customers.

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Quality African roses. All year round, wherever and whenever you want them

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Your continuous access to exotic and summer flowers

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The link between greenery growers and wholesalers

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In the spotlight

Huge Anemone

Look at how beautiful this Anemone is. This is a new variety from Israel. Now available at OZ Import and in a variety of colours.

Ranunculus Pon Pon Magic

On this picture you can see the Ranunculus Pon Pon Magic. This variety is now available at OZ Import. Contact your account manager. They are more than happy to help you.

Chamelaucium Blondie

Chamelaucium Blondie and Adi are now in the assortment of OZ Import. Contact your account manager for more information.


Our Campanula grows in Ecuador and is now available at OZ Import.

Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt is one of the classics amongst peonies and now available at OZ Import.

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Piket-Bo-Berg Cycle Challenge & Trail Run

At 8 September 2018 DFG-partners OZFlora/Bergflora and Intaba flowers took to the mountains of Picket-Bo-Berg in South Africa, and participated in the Piket-Bo-Berg Cycle Challenge & Trail Run. The event was organised by the local NPO - The Piket-Bo-Berg Residents Association.

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All Saints’ Day; Palmetto

All Saints’ Day, at the first of November, is one of the major flower days in Southern Europe. At this day Catholics throughout the whole world commemorate all Saints; martyrs and other people who have gone to heaven. Many people visit the graves of friends and loved ones and cover their graves with flowers. That’s why the demand of flowers is very high around this day. Also in Eastern-Europe many people celebrate All Saints’ Day. There, especially Palmetto is very popular in this period of year. We would like to provide some more information about this beautiful leaf.

Palmetto (Chaemerops humilis) has its origin in the Western Mediterranean areas of South Afrika and Europe. The generally small Palm tree also grows very well in Florida, where our supplier Grayson Puckett Ferneries is situated. There Palmetto grows, just as Salal, in the natural shadow of large forests. Pickers go through the forests, collecting Palm in large bales. The big Palmetto bales are brought to the warehouse of Grayson Puckett, where the employees select the leaves on size, pack with ten stems a bunch and in boxes. The available Palmetto leaf lengths are 45, 55, 65 and 75 centimeters. Palmetto is packed with 35, 25, 20 and 15 bunches, with less bunches a box for bigger leaf sizes. Because of its good preservation and high resistance it is a very suitable product for in ornamental flower decorations that are exhibited outside. In flower arrangements for All Saints Day, the full core of the Palmetto leaves with the radial ends can give an extraordinary look similar to the holy halo.

Keep an eye on our newsletter for more inspiration for All Saints’ Day.

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Rosehips from Serbia

As of week 39 the first Rosehips from producer Erik Stokman from Serbia will be available in the assortment of OZ Import.

We will start with the famous Autumn Rosefruits with orange bottels. Full branches with a lot of berries with a length varying between 55 and 80cm. The Rosehips can be recognized by the special Autumn Rosefruits sleeve

Have a look in our webshop for these beautiful Rosehips. For more information or special request we ask you to contact your accountmanager. 

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As one of the leading companies in the flower market, OZ is the perfect partner for our growing business, providing the perfect balance between professionalism, efficiency and above it all, warm and friendly work environment.

Arnon Ronen,

Saidi Ronen - Flower & Fruit farm

Only breeders with a passion for original and top quality flowers and greens fit the Coloríginz platform.

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You will find a lot on this website about who we are and what we do. But we would always be happy to contact you personally. If, for example, you would like to know more about Coloríginz or want to join our platform.