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One name for the platform of three specialists - Rosa Link, OZ Import and Green Connect

Coloríginz lives up to originality in the colorful world of roses, flowers and decorative greenery! This is something special for our customers and end consumers. Because behind the new name are the many years of experience of Rosa Link, OZ Import and Green Connect . The creative team of Coloríginz's platform is always seeking out special flowers, beautiful roses and fresh decorative greens. And it does this with ambitious breeders and growers from all over the world for its international network of customers.

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Huge Anemone

Look at how beautiful this Anemone is. This is a new variety from Israel. Now available at OZ Import and in a variety of colours.

Ranunculus Pon Pon Magic

On this picture you can see the Ranunculus Pon Pon Magic. This variety is now available at OZ Import. Contact your account manager. They are more than happy to help you.

Chamelaucium Blondie

Chamelaucium Blondie and Adi are now in the assortment of OZ Import. Contact your account manager for more information.


Our Campanula grows in Ecuador and is now available at OZ Import.

Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt is one of the classics amongst peonies and now available at OZ Import.

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Availability Coralfern and Typha in South Africa

It is spring in South Africa and the summer season is approaching. Seasons in South Africa are exactly reverse to seasons in Europe, with December and January as hottest months. Our suppliers do everything that is in their possibilities to deliver a quality product. The upcoming period the weather will be warm and dry. This makes harvest and selection of both Coral Fern and Typha more and more difficult. Although a strict selection is maintained, there is higher probability on brown leaf tips during this time of year. Also, forest fires in the area will influence the availability of Coral fern.

In recent weeks the Coral fern and Typha areas have had days with very high temperatures. It has already been so hot and dry that last week various fires have developed in the forests. Forest fires can spread very quickly under influence of strong winds and this can lead to extremely dangerous situations. For safety reasons, people were not allowed to enter the forests for several days. The first fires have been extinguished, but new ones have originated. A large surface of the Coral fern forest has burned. The exact extent of the damage is still being determined, but it certainly will affect availability. 

Last year in June enormous devastating forest fires burned large parts of the forests in the Knysna area and the home of Jenny and Rob Hamilton. This had large impact for them both financially and emotionally. It takes years for the Pine forests to recover sufficiently to allow Coral fern to grow back into the area. Hamilton has permission to harvest in large forest surfaces, which allows them to harvest good quantities. However, the minimum distances that they need to travel for harvesting are much larger than before.

On the picture you can see one of the skilled women, who just picked a nice looking bunch of Coral fern. At arrival in the area coral fern pickers disperse into the forest for harvesting. It is spring and Coral fern is growing many young shoots on top of older hardened leaves. The pickers skillfully select quality stems and remove the young leaves.

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Dry Summer for Kiefer

You can see that it has been a dry summer when you walk through the Kiefer plantations. The extreme drought of last summer in Europe caused drying and yellowing of large quantities of trees. Damage occurred to both young Kiefer trees that have been planted the past years as well as to older trees. It is estimated that the drought caused the dead of about 25 to 40 percent of the trees, with lower availability and higher prices as a result. Another effect of the drought is that the Kiefer has a slightly lighter color compared to normal.

For the grower not only the dead of trees leads to a reduction in harvest. Also lower availability of good quality branches, severe selection and larger distances leads to a lower efficiency and higher costs. At the end of the harvest season will be decided if some of the plantations will be completely renewed in order to enable a higher efficiency of the harvest in the future. For young Kiefer trees it takes between three and five years before they are ready to be harvested. This means that the effect of the severe drought on the availability and pricing may continue for several years. To what extent this will be remains unclear and it will also depend on future weather conditions. 

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Oak leaf season has ended

This years’ season of oak leaf has come to an end. The leaves start falling of the trees and the decorative oak leaves do no longer meet our quality standards. It is expected that the new season will start in August 2019.

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As one of the leading companies in the flower market, OZ is the perfect partner for our growing business, providing the perfect balance between professionalism, efficiency and above it all, warm and friendly work environment.

Arnon Ronen,

Saidi Ronen - Flower & Fruit farm

Only breeders with a passion for original and top quality flowers and greens fit the Coloríginz platform.

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