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One name for the platform of three specialists - Rosa Link, OZ Import and Green Connect

Coloríginz lives up to originality in the colorful world of roses, flowers and decorative greenery! This is something special for our customers and end consumers. Because behind the new name are the many years of experience of Rosa Link, OZ Import and Green Connect . The creative team of Coloríginz's platform is always seeking out special flowers, beautiful roses and fresh decorative greens. And it does this with ambitious breeders and growers from all over the world for its international network of customers.

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Production in Peru has started

Our colleague Frank van der Stroom recently visited the farms of Roots in Peru. Roots, is known as premium supplier of Coloríginz in Chamelaucium and Liatris.

Roots and Frank are pleased to report that Roots went into production with the first Chamelaucium varieties.  The production is spread over two farms. The first farm is located at sea level on Ika where the Chamelaucium, Limonium and Liatris are grown. The second farm is located at a higher altitude; in the mountains of Caraz.

The first farm is currently in production with the 'Early Nir' and 'Luna' varieties, other varieties will soon follow.  All chamelaucium is available in lengths of 60, 70 and 80 cm.

Liatris will follow in various lengths. Of course we will keep you informed on a weekly basis about developments in production, varieties and current availability. The entire Peruvian production season will last until around the beginning of October.

For more information you can always contact your account manager or go directly to our webshop to check the current stock.

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The availability of Arbutus is increasing and quality is on its best. Arbutus is available in lengths of 45 and 55 centimeters. Lengths of 40,50, 60 and 70 centimeters and taller are available on request.

Like every year, during the summer period many products have a limited availability or are not available at all. This is due to the fact that during the summer, the plants are growing and young leaves need some time to mature. Arbutus is a great alternative for these products since its quality and availability is best from June until the end of September. Since the bottom leaves of the stems have been removed, it saves you work and time and the water in the bucket remains clean. The branches are voluminous with leaves and are a beautiful addition to bouquets.

Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager for more information about the availability.

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Bleached Ruscus from Italy

As of now we can offer bleached Ruscus from Italy! The bleached foliage is extremely strong, has a special appearance and provides a  nice contrast in arrangements. 

Using a special treatment the hardened off Ruscus is bleached into a nicely white colour, which also preserves the foliage. After the two-month bleaching process, the Ruscus can be stored outside the cold store for at least a year. It is available in a standard length of 70 centimeters, on request we can cut the stems into a shorter length. The bleached Ruscus is suitable for retail and wholesale purposes and is packed with 5 stems per bunch, and 5 bunches per bundle

Bleached ruscus is available for as long as the supply from Italy lasts. Due to the start of the growing season and the duration of the bleaching process, we advise you to order large quantities well in advance. As of september, the first newly harvested Ruscus is expected to be suitable for bleaching and would be ready for delivery in November.

Please have a look in our webshop for our current availability or contact your account manager to pre-order. 

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As one of the leading companies in the flower market, OZ is the perfect partner for our growing business, providing the perfect balance between professionalism, efficiency and above it all, warm and friendly work environment.

Arnon Ronen,

Saidi Ronen - Flower & Fruit farm

Only breeders with a passion for original and top quality flowers and greens fit the Coloríginz platform.

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You will find a lot on this website about who we are and what we do. But we would always be happy to contact you personally. If, for example, you would like to know more about Coloríginz or want to join our platform.